France 2001 - Selected Pictures

Pictures and text by Frank Clarke.

Webspace courtesy of Jim Pruitt.

The images and text here were originally sent as email and attachments to friends and family, with one or two images per message.  The text often refers to prior messages or warns of upcoming content.  As a result there is a definite "flow" to the presentation which you may miss if you jump around.  I encourage all visitors to walk through as if you were watching a sequential process because that's exactly what's happening.

The original images are 1024x768 (about 130K each).  These have been reduced to 640x480 to speed transmission.  If you want your own full-size copy just drop me a line.

[a040] 010624 Eg.St-Severin
[a040] 010624 Eg.St-Severin
122.46 KB

[a052] 010624
Notre Dame
142.87 KB

[a053] 010624 Reflexes Like a Jedi
122.60 KB

[a066] 010625 Cluny Lady&Unicorn
150.53 KB

[a074] 010625 S.Coeur Gargoyle
87.02 KB

[a079] 010625 S.Coeur View
115.91 KB

[a090] 010626
130.43 KB

[a092] 010626 Bateaux Mouches
134.83 KB

[a115] 010627
ND Gargoyles
117.61 KB

[a120] 010627
Seine fr ND
143.96 KB

[a139] 010627 T.Eiffel 10.01pm
88.25 KB

[a159] 010629
112.55 KB

[a179] 010629
Vers. Gardens
121.26 KB

[a182] 010629
Vers. Path
124.87 KB

[a195] 010701
Mus. A et M
107.53 KB

[a203] 010702
Arc de'T fr T.Eiffel
136.67 KB

[a215] 010702 METRO Bastille
134.92 KB

[a216] 010702 METRO Bastille
138.22 KB

[a221] 010703 Rouen High Altar
108.17 KB

[a225] 010703 Richard I
105.68 KB

[a232] 010703
From the Lady Chapel
127.52 KB

[a245] 010703 Eg.Jeanne d'Arc
144.60 KB

[a250] 010703 Eg.Jeanne d'Arc
172.30 KB

[a261] 010705 Bayeux River Aure
122.72 KB

[a264] 010705 Cath.Bayeux
139.10 KB

[a267] 010705 Cath.Bayeux
154.43 KB

[a272] 010705 Cath.Bayeux
155.55 KB

[a273] 010705 Cath.Bayeux Dedic
116.63 KB

[a321] 010706
Mont St Michel
88.91 KB

[a334] 010706 Abbey Mont St-Michel
114.75 KB

[a340] 010706
Mont St-Michel
85.58 KB

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The Bayeux Tapestry

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